Examples of our bus and truck hire fleet in Swan Hill

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We offer a variety of solutions for all your transport needs

If you're moving house, moving materials, or moving people, Nifty’s Auto Rentals has a great selection of car, ute, truck and bus rentals available in Swan Hill. If you’re not sure exactly what you require, give us a call and we can match the right vehicle to you. Contact our expert staff today; we can help you get the job done!

Cars - All sizes, for all needs

Nifty’s Auto Rentals offers a range of modern small, medium and large cars including a 7 seat SUV for hire. They are an excellent replacement for both private and commercial use, for both short term and long term hire


We have a 12 seater and a 24 seater bus for moving small groups. Our buses are the latest top brand model, so easy on fuel and easy on the driver. Nifty’s Auto Rentals offers fantastic rates for bus rentals in Swan Hill.


Nifty’s Auto Rentals 4 wheel drive twin cab utes fitted with electric brakes with tray or tub for hire. They are maintained at the highest standard and always reliable. 


Trucks - Furniture removal & Tip trucks

Nifty’s Auto Rentals offers trucks suitable for all moving purposes as well as cleaning out the rubbish from the back yard. All of our trucks are fully maintained to the highest safety standards. Nifty’s Auto Rentals is the leading provider of truck and bus rentals in Swan Hill. Contact us today to learn more about our transport solutions.